Last Update:2016/5/23
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              MOTIEN's Persuasion

You may have noticed about our new slogan, yes - Actually that’s what we have been doing from the last decade and for the future! Thank to the effort of our colleagues and support from our partners/clients, together we have supplied countless products for numerous projects which the end products have been improving the lives of human being. Now - Motien likes to step further to the world market. We develop products which are more suitable for various application, more environment friendly!

Think Global, act Local - reaching the demands from everywhere in the world. Our distributors are there ready to serve each client who needs to find solution for his power system. With our strong Research & Developing engineers team to support us, we have already more than 3,000 standard models of DC/DC converters, LED drivers and AC/DC converters also we keep helping clients for their projects. Though we maybe far away from where you live, but it is easy for you to reach us – having the power products with the same superior quality that have been trusted by people all over the world and the professional service.

Contact MOTIEN - Glocalization Power Source at :

              New Update
The New DC/DC Converter Products - VBW 6W Series MOTIEN NEWS
The New DC/DC Converter Products - RW 8W Sereis; T1 1W series MOTIEN NEWS
The New DC/DC Converter Products - VU 15W Series; VV 15W Series MOTIEN NEWS
The New DC/DC Converter Products - MB/MD/MK Series; VB 6W Series MOTIEN NEWS
              New Products
‧SIP 8 Package ‧Ultra Wide Input Range
‧4:1 wide range input, 6W Single/Dual Output ‧Railway Norm EN50155
‧66% less Volume than Conventional DIP 24 ‧Efficiency up to 86%
    package ‧3000Vdc Isolation
‧No Minimum Load required ‧Input Under Voltage lock out circuit
‧High Efficiency up to 88% ‧Over Voltage Protection / Over load protection
  ‧-40°C~+85°Coperating temperatre range
‧SIP 7 Package ‧Ultra Wide 2:1 Input Range, Single/Dual
‧-40°C~+105°C extended operating     Output
    temperature range ‧1600Vdc Isolation
‧Continuous Short Circuit Protection ‧No Minimum Load Required
‧Low Ripple and Noise ‧Efficiency up to 91%
‧Efficiency up to 81% ‧Extended Operating Temperature Range
‧Isolation Voltage 1500Vdc up to 3000Vdc     -40°C~85°C max
‧Wide 4:1 Input Range ‧Sub-miniature SIP 6 package
‧1600Vdc Isolation ‧2:1 wide range input, 1W Single/Dual Output
‧No Minimun Load Required ‧Reduced 36.5% volume from SIP 8
‧Efficiency up to 90% ‧High efficiency up to 84%
‧Operating Temperature Range -40°C~85°C ‧No 25% Minimum load required
    max ‧UL-60950-1 certified
‧Over Voltage Protection, Soft Start  
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