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              MOTIEN's Persuasion

You may have noticed about our new slogan, yes - Actually that’s what we have been doing from the last decade and for the future! Thank to the effort of our colleagues and support from our partners/clients, together we have supplied countless products for numerous projects which the end products have been improving the lives of human being. Now - Motien likes to step further to the world market. We develop products which are more suitable for various application, more environment friendly!

Think Global, act Local - reaching the demands from everywhere in the world. Our distributors are there ready to serve each client who needs to find solution for his power system. With our strong Research & Developing engineers team to support us, we have already more than 3,000 standard models of DC/DC converters, LED drivers and AC/DC converters also we keep helping clients for their projects. Though we maybe far away from where you live, but it is easy for you to reach us – having the power products with the same superior quality that have been trusted by people all over the world and the professional service.

Contact MOTIEN - Glocalization Power Source at :

              New Update
V1 series have been certified by UL <UL Certificate> MOTIEN NEWS
The New DC/DC Converter Products - VT 40W Series MOTIEN NEWS
The New LED Driver Products - MDL14, MDL20 Series MOTIEN NEWS
              New Products
‧Wide 2:1 input range with high efficiency up ‧Miniature DIP8 Package
    to 92% ‧Output current:300mA~1000mA
‧Compact size 2”×1”×0.4” High Power ‧Wide input range from 7Vdc to 16Vdc
    Density 40W output ‧Output from 2Vdc up to 14Vdc
‧Soft start ‧PWM and Analogue Voltage dimming
‧No minimum load required ‧No Electrolyte Capacitors using
‧Adjustable output voltage  
‧Remote On/Off control  
‧Single/Dual output  
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