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Family PRIME is the fundamental products of Motien Technology.
Through the precise match and carefully selected components, the PRIME products can always play the simple but important roles in various applications, such as: isolated and conversion power for sensors, interface, OP AMPs A/D, D/A conversion ..etc.

  V1   V3   V4  
  0.5~1W,SIP7/DIP14   2W,SIP7/DIP14   1W,SIP7/DIP14  
  V5   VA   VE  
  1.5~3W,DIP24   0.25~1.5W,SIP4/DIP8   2W,SIP4  
  VF   VL   VL2  
  1.5~3W,SIP12   1W,SIP7,4~6KVDC Isolation
Higher case
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